Music: Eloh Kush & Dus Ft. John Robinson, El Da Sensei, AG & StaHHr – B Boy Bonanza

artworks-000166236902-rkl84b-t500x500 AngelDus is a collaborative 11 song LP from the New Jersey lyricist
Eloh Kush of Angelz Inc & producer Dus of Brothers Grimm
The mentality behind creating this album was to bring the listener outside the box of what’s going on in today’s Hip-Hop culture.
This was achieved by shining light on the essence of the art form
and by featuring higher-level concepts & esoteric ideas within the subject matter from track to track. Continue reading

Music: The Mood Doctors Feat. PosDnuos, Jarobi, NDL & Dysfunkshuanal Familee – “Hot (Refill Remix)”

themooddoctors3_large After releasing a string of no holds barred bangers from their standout LP, Containment, The Mood Doctors offer up the “Hot” (Refill Remix) featuring their extended fam Posdnuos (of De La Soul), Jarobi (of A Tribe Called Quest), Napoleon Da Legend and D Rock and Crazy DJ Bazarro (of Dysfunkshunal Familee). As expected they took an already serious burner and made it Hotter this year! Also shining is the dope b-side, “No Body” that showcases the MD’z fresh styles and production. Continue reading

Music: BROKEN HOME – Burning World

13043618_1058611377532947_7931699511815656272_n The first leak off the highly anticipated “ADVANCE CLASSES Part 3” from G.S. ADVANCE. Such a display of masterful massacre is brought to you by Spit Gemz, Eff Yoo, G.S. Advance, and Mitchell Aimss. This poetic form of slaughter is also the second official offering from BROKEN HOME as it’s inevitable manifestation as the greatest super group in the history of ya mother. Be sure to cop that ADVANCE CLASSES PT 3 as well as HOME TEAM ADVANTAGE, the debut LP from BROKEN HOME. Continue reading