Videos: Mic Handz – Street Regulator (Dir. By Olise Forel)

Untitled If you live in the city, you need to be mindful of the days that you can park the car on either sides of the street. Street sweepers are a necessary annoyance sometimes. You’ve probably also heard of the street regulator, Mic Handz. The Brooklynite returns with producer Ran Reed for his new single that should have the shook ones running home.The beat features a sitar melody that sounds like it could have been a Beatles single but provides enough M.O.P. samples and drums to keep it harder than the concrete. The visual provided by Olise Forel features fellow THEM Recordings Artist and BootCamp Clik brother Rockness Monsta in this post apocalyptic zombie ridden environment that represents the droned zombie like mentality that is today’s music industry and it is the sole responsibility of Mic Handz to Regulate the streets of the music industry…One and for all..

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