Videos: John Robinson Feat. Scienz of Life – Very Nice (Prod. by Count Bass D)

Untitled Water the Plants EP is a series of songs created in Los Angeles during business trips taken out west by John Robinson to help strategize the build and launch of the new lifestyle brand Water the Plants.

WTP is a new and innovative brand focused on curating, cultivating and nurturing the growth and evolution of Hip Hop Culture. The music is inspired by this process and perspective of bringing forth this concept of investing to assure that later will be better than present times. Always remember to Water the Plants!

Video Directed by Alex Ghassan

Available on 4/22/16
Buy here:…

Artwork by C. Flux Sing

Executive Produced by Omar “Goodness” Romero

Record at Invizible Handz Studios in NJ
Mixed by Leaf at Imperial Square Studios in Santa Fe Springs, CA
Mastered by Lewis Parker

Press by J. Kim for Synergy Works

Follow us:
@whoisjr @watertheplants


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