Videos: Eff Yoo feat. The Audible Doctor & Airon Azure – God Hates Me

Untitled Whether or not you’re a man or woman of God, we all face moments in our lives where we put our personal faith in question. That goes for whether it’s a particularly trying time or a situation where doing the wrong thing seems right. Either way, anyone can relate to the core feelings of Eff Yoo’s stirring new video, “God Hates Me,” featuring The Audible Doctor and Airon Azure.

The story here is a chilling one that centers on a priest, portrayed by the Queens rapper, battling personal demons that stem from a decision to murder the man who killed someone close to him. Eff even goes so far as to kidnap the murderer (portrayed by The Audible Doctor), all the while riding around and questioning himself with Azure seemingly as his conscience.

The video is directed by both Eff Yoo and NJ’s Skrewtape, a multi-talented artist who has previously worked with Mr. Green and Miilkbone. And here, he’s taken the message of “God Hates Me” and turned it into a suspense/horror short-film.

‘The Eff Word’ LP, which also boasts features from Big Noyd and Spit Gemz, is now available for stream and download through iTunes and all major digital retailers, and can be purchased on CD via Platformz Records.

• Artist: Eff Yoo
• Title: The Word
• Featuring: Tte Audible Doctor, Airon Azure
• Produced by: Rediculus
• Directed by: Eff Yoo, Skrewtape
• Album: The Eff Word
• Release Date: Apr 21, 2016
• Label: Platformz Records, LLC

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